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Edible Oils

A machine specially designed for edible oils in PET bottles

Filling & Capping

  • Compact
  • Highly flexible (neck transfer)
  • Optimized size/performance ratio

Containers: from 100 mL up to 5 L
Materials: PET
Outputs: up to 18 000 bottles/hours (1L)


The CANOPY® weight filler was specifically designed for the filling of vegetable oils in PET containers with a maximum size of 5 L. With a work-rate of 3,000 to 18,000 one-liter containers per hour, it is perfectly compliant with the needs of modern edible oil processing companies.


  • By measuring the weight directly in the container (net weight), the weight-filling system, contrary to other filling technologies, is very accurate and not affected by changes in the pressure, temperature or nature of the oil.
  • Optimized size/performance ratio: thanks to its reduced pitch, the machine is equipped with 27 filling nozzles on a carrousel of only 810 mm. With Canopy 900, 2 models: (20/8-20 filling heads & 8 capping heads) and (15/6-15 filling heads & 6 capping heads)
  • A wide range of shapes and volumes thanks to the neck transfer system.
  • Keep bottle bottom clean.

Technical characteristics

  • Neck transfer of containers for all types of PET containers.
  • Format change-over times are optimized.
  • Neck transfer for light weight PET containers and PET bottles up to 5 L

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