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New design

Saving both time and money

Filling & Capping

  • Reduced Change-Over Time
  • Reduced Clean-up time
  • Reduced Tooling Costs

Containers: from 100g to 9kg, up to 200mm width, 300 mm height
Materials: PET, PP, PS, Aluminum, Glass, …
Outputs: up to 54,000 containers per hour


The new design of our FC Filler Capper illustrates a pragmatic and original approach that separates Serac from the industry standard old school machine design. We think the New FC Filler Capper is the break through that will boost your competitive edge. Increasing production while saving both time & money.

Revolution - The Ultimate Filling Station

By integrating the 3 major filling components into one standardized station we have begun a Revolution toward a faster, cleaner and more efficient solution. The new Revolution offers increased filling speeds, advanced algorithm to monitor the filling cycle for greater accuracy, the adaptability to fill many different bottle shapes and sizes and simplifies cleaning the machine.

The patented valve includes 3 separate functions that work together to complement each other.


The Servo Dynavalve is actuated by a servomotor which monitors its opening and a stepper mechanism which maintains a constant flow rate.  The Dynavalve monitors the flow rate and adjusts the rate as needed.

The flow into the bottle is calculated by the Dynaflow Algorithm working in harmony with our load cell scale at the downstream spout location. Detecting and monitoring the actual flow inside the container, delivering a net weight flow at the predetermined flow rate. The result is a smooth filling operation into any type of container.  The result – Precise Filling throughout the cycle.

The third component to complete the Revolution – Ultimate Filling Station is the bottle handling function. The FC Filler Capper is capable of neck handling and body handling depending on the application, thus offering two options for the filling turret.

Adding to the flexibility of the Revolution filling station are the wide range of neck diameters the neck gripper can handle. This feature dramatically reduces tooling change-over time which naturally will increase production time while reducing maintenance costs.


Everything is at eye level

which means during production it is easier to observe operations and monitor the filling and capping process enabling the operator the ability to maintain peak production.  Additionally, during maintenance, the open design allows easier access to the equipment allowing faster and simplified maintenance procedures reducing clean-up time and reduced consumption of clean-up water.

Revolution – The Ultimate Filling Station

Revolution – The Ultimate Filling Station

The patented grippers are compatible with a wide range of necks, limiting the need for change over tooling.

The patented grippers are compatible with a wide range of necks, limiting the need for change over tooling.

Optional equipment

  • Can be assembled in Combox -blow-fill-cap version with Serac PET strectch blow molding machine
  • Offset pressurized tank located outside the filling enclosure

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