Serac’s governance is based on a Board of Directors chaired by M. Jean-Jacques Graffin

Jean-Jacques Graffin

Chairman of the Board and founder of Serac

Mr Dino Chece, Chief Executive Officer of the Group, assisted by an Executive Committee, is in charge of implementing the strategic orientations set by the Board of Directors. This governance allows the company to be more responsive to changes in its economic, competitive and technological environment.

Dino Chece

Chief Executive Officer

Dino Chece is chief executive officer of Serac group and works closely with the Board of Directors. In his capacity as CEO, Dino Chece creates the vision/business strategy, works partnering with presidents across all business units to enforce the overall business development strategy and align the marketing message within the group. Dino Chece joined Serac in January 2019 as President of Serac Inc.

Thierry Adam

Chief Financial Officer

Thierry Adam is Chief Financial Officer of Serac group and works closely with the Board of Directors. Thierry Adam is responsible for all of the company’s financial functions including accounting, audit, treasury and corporate finance. He also leads all human resources activities. He joined Serac in January 2015 and has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and paper industry as financial controller and CFO.

Stefano Vernocchi

Chief Customer Officer

Stefano Vernocchi is Chief Customer Officer of Serac group and member of the Executive Management. He oversees all customer service activities worldwide and works with local organizations to streamline the service experience of the customers. In this role, he serves as a customer advocate to ensure that customers are at the center of every business decision. He joined Serac in July 2014.

Yves de Parseval

Chief Operating Officer

Yves de Parseval is Chief Operating Officer of Serac group and member of the Executive Management. He oversees all the operations activities, meaning manufacturing, facilities, quality programs, lean, 5S, ISO… He works closely with the business unit managers to ensure that the commitments made to customers are met. Within his responsibilities, he oversees support functions like IT. Yves de Parseval  joined Serac in January 2018.

Thierry Deau

Chief Technical Officer

Thierry Deau is Chief Technical Officer of Serac group and member of the Executive Management. Thierry Deau is responsible of Product Management and Development Planning, Innovation, Product Engineering, Industry 4.0 and Digital Support across all Local Serac Subsidiaries. Starting from customer needs, he ensures the right technical performance of Serac machines. He joined Serac in July 2018 and has 30 years of experience in Engineering of Packaging Machine.

Nicolas Ricard

Chief Sales Officer

Nicolas Ricard is Chief Sales Officer of Serac group. He oversees all machine and line sales activities worldwide for all products within the Product Portfolio. He works in close collaboration with the Managing and Sales Directors of each subsidiary in order to achieve the group’s sales objectives. He has more than 10 years of experience at Serac as India Sales Manager and Asia Sales Director.