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Dairy Products Filling Machines

Over the last 50 years, Serac has gained a unique and very high level of expertise in the design and manufacture of packaging machines for dairy products in bottles or cups.
Some dairy products processed on our machines :

White milks, Flavored milks, enriched milks, drinking yogurts, fermented milks, liquid cream, cheese, sour cream, spoonable yogurts, desserts cream, fresh or cooked dairy desserts.

Our Expertise

Serac and the Dairy Industry: A story that has lasted for over 50 years.

We started in June 1969 with the first weight filling machine for milk and have been the leading machine manufacturer for dairy products in rigid packaging since. We’d like to share a little history of Serac and the dairy industry worldwide, with a small showcase of different machines that we manufactured for a wide range of dairy products in various types of rigid packaging.


50% of our annual turnover comes from the sale of packaging machines and associated services for the dairy products sector


The first rotary machine for filling milk into bottles


Serac has been a leader in the very exclusive club of manufacturers of aseptic filling machines since 1978 (UHT milk in PEHD bottles).

Dairy products in bottle

Dairy products in bottle

Dairy products in pre-formed cup

Dairy products in pre-formed cup

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Liquid dairy products with varying degrees of microbiological sensitivity

We propose packaging machines for a wide variety of liquid dairy products with varying degrees of microbiological sensitivity, such as UHT milks, sterilized milks, pasteurized milks, ESL milks, flavored milks, drink yogurts, probiotics, liquid creams and whipped cream, soya milks…

Our machines are designed to be adapted to all types of plastic (PEHD, PET, PP, PS…), glass and metal bottles or containers.

Dairy products in preformed cups

We propose filling and sealing solutions for all types of pre-formed cup materials (PET, PP, PS, glass, aluminum, carton…) and various product properties (viscous, paste, foaming,… with pieces of fruit), yogurts, dessert creams, white cheeses, fresh creams, cheese spreads, ghee, rice pudding, baked-caramel cream, caramel cream, clafouti, custard …


Dairy bottle manufacturing

Serac has developed its range of machines with on-site bottle manufacturing solutions for PET (SBL and Combox for stretch blow molding). Serac also has vast experience and the technical know-how necessary to work hand-in-hand with manufacturers of extrusion blowing machines using PEHD granules. Based on your packaging ideas for your dairy products, Serac will study, together with you, your complete filling line project and propose appropriate solutions for your bottle.

Packaging decontamination

The container decontamination or sterilization method is selected according to the product to be filled and its microbiological sensitivity. Numerous factors need to be taken into account by the filling machine manufacturer.

Hygienic design

Deeply committed to food safety, Serac designs and manufactures food packaging machines in compliance with guidelines and sanitary rules edited by organizations (EHEDG, 3A, FDA…).  The hygienic design of the Serac UPFILL aseptic filling machine has been optimized:

  • In order to reduce disruption of the laminar airflow, only the absolute minimum number of elements remain in the filling zone
  • The turret has become very easy to clean with no retention zones
  • The CIP/SIP system is now totally automatic and requires no manual intervention
  • All electronic systems are isolated from the sterile zone and therefore accessible during production


“ We have a really strong strategic relationship with companies like Serac, who has been a great partner for us and I think that, especially in a year like this, it’s important to let them know just how instrumental they have been to our success. On behalf of Superior Dairy, I would like to thank them all. “

Greg Soehnlen - CEO @ SUPERIOR DAIRY Inc.

“ We chose Serac because Serac is a world class in filling production machinery. They are able to work globally across the world with a lot of ease. “

Hugh Roddy - Senior Director of Global Automation @ CHOBANI

“ With Serac, we have a guarantee that our production will have no issue in recontamination and have a longer shelf life which is very important in Indonesia as we need to distribute to many cities, in many different islands. “

Darmanto Setyawan - Factory Director @ GREENFIELDS Indonesia



“ Serac is consulted on major projects for Danone. Serac has know-how in aseptics which is important for us. Serac is flexible and agile. “

Arnaud Poitrimolt - Purchasing Manager Raw & Pack @Danone

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Serac has 80% worldwide market share in UHT Whipped Cream in aerosol cans

Machines & equipment


PASTEURIZED MILK – Rotary weigh filling machine – RB

PASTEURIZED MILK – Rotary weigh filling machine – RB

BABY MILK – Aseptic filling machine – SAS

BABY MILK – Aseptic filling machine – SAS

Rinser Filler Capper for ESL milk and dairy products.

As a leader for filling liquid dairy products in rigid packaging, Serac monoblock solution (Rinsing – Filling – Capping) provides the decontamination necessary to achieve extended shelf-life milk and dairy products. Versatility to fill different sensitive products at a high precision (0.1% at 1 sigma) and shelf life of up to 90-120 days, following the processing of the product. Serac can recommend multiple bottle & cap decontamination processes, such as Dry and Wet Paracetic Acid, E-beam, Dry H202, Pulsed Light (caps) etc.

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