Adapt & Improve your Equipment


New container, new cap, new product

Using your samples, we will carry out filling tests in our laboratory to assess the feasibility of your project, identify which machine modifications are necessary to provide greater production flexibility for your equipment.

New container

  • HDPE change parts from a wide range of colours
  • Black antistatic HDPE change parts for ATEX machines
  • Stainless steel tooling
  • Plug-on, quick release, no-tool technology
  • Anti-scratch system for fragile containers
  • Storage racks for toolings
  • Change parts tooling and conveying for pucks
  • Neck transfer options
  • Multiple controls of the containers (containers laying on conveyor, bottle orientation at the infeed conveyor, neck location during capping, etc …)

New cap

  • Adjustment and modification of existing cap sorter
  • Addition of new cap sorters
  • List of parts adapted to the existing capping turret
  • Replacement of capping turret according to the requested function
  • Synchronization of a new up stream capping turret (pouring spout, etc…) or downstream (overcap, etc…)
  • Various cap checks (cap position in the starwheel, cap orientation, cap presence on container, capping quality, aluminum foil presence, etc…)
  • Conversion from plug-on to screw on caps or vice-versa

New product

  • Fully open nozzle
  • Suction valve
  • Vacuum valves
  • Overpressure tank
  • Tank with anti-foam nozzles
  • Cleaning collector
  • ATEX setting for necessary products
  • Nozzle inside the bottle neck


Improve ergonomics, quality and hygiene

New features, Hardware and Software upgrades,…  benefit from the latest developments!


  • Operator control panel mounted on a pendant arm
  • Multiflow filling valve control interface
  • Trackball keyboard
  • Change parts storage rack


  • Liquid nitrogen treatment (for improved bottle rigidity)
  • Container leak testing
  • Bottle rejection device (RCS)
  • Vision inspection system (for capping)
  • eTCS brushless capper


  • Filling nozzle with suction device
  • Maintenance and validation of machine cabin airflows
  • Cleaning trough
  • From volumetric to weigh-filling
  • Electrical heatsealer (eSealer)