Optimize your Production

Sustainable development

Nearly all of our new equipment improvements that are linked to sustainable development can be retrofitted to existing machines.

Amongst them, you’ll find :

  • The reduction or the removal of the tank to lessen the amount of effluent
  • The washing manifolds reduce the washing cycle time and work statically instead of dynamically
  • Use of high efficiency motors and flow modelling in over-pressure airflow cabins
  • Intelligent controls to stop drive motors if they haven’t been used for a certain time
  • Reduction of chemical products and water usage, reduced use of PAA for decontamination or use of a more environmentally-friendly cleaning system (H2O2, UV, pulsed light, e-Beam)


Increase your productivity

We offer performance audits to identify possible reasons for production downtime and propose solutions to remedy them. Machine efficiency, standard deviation, SMED study, analysis of packaging materials used, …


We are able to check :

  • O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • Cpk (Process Capability ratio)
  • The efficiency of your equipment
  • Filling standard deviation
  • Cleaning time and cleaning product consumption

3 Steps to optimize the cleaning cycles on a packaging line

  1. Pinpoint deviations using process data
  2. Implement targeted improvements on the cleaning system
  3. Review the cleaning cycle program


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Logistics for Machine relocation

With our logistics, packing and transport partners, we can also organize your machine or whole line relocation projects.

We can provide :

  • Un-cabling
  • Dis-assembly
  • Loading on a pallet, packing
  • Loading on truck
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Installing and levelling
  • Re-assembly
  • Re-cabling
  • Commissioning

Resale / Refurbished machines

  • For those with limited budget and demands, we refurbish second hand Serac machines (aged from 5 to 20 years old) and ensure they run and benefit from the latest technologies.
  • All refurbished machine will be equipped with new tooling (one cap, one bottle and one product)
  • We guarantee the same standard as the new machine, spare parts and the warranty