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Oils & Sauces Filling Machines

Pioneer in weight filling for liquid food on rotary machines since 1969 (glass, metal, rigid plastic), Serac is a leading packaging machines manufacturer in the oil and sauces sectors.

Vegetable and seed oils, liquid margarines, olive oils, ketchups and other red sauces, mayonnaises, dressings and vinegars, table sauces, soy based sauces, guacamole and other dips.

Our expertise

Weight filling technology

Because weight filling technology is considered as the most reliable, clean and efficient for the filling of liquid food, it is an extremely interesting alternative to other filling technologies in the oils & sauces filling sector.

Edible oils

Edible oils



Edible oils - Weight filling technology

  • Insensitive to temperature and product aeration
  • High filling accuracy and economies
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency for different products or viscosities

Sauces - Weight filling technology with over-pressurized tank

  • Linear and regular flow which reduces viscosity  loss
  • Simple circuit of the product with closed loop circuit designed for sauces
  • High flexibility of the Serac machines for various containers
EDIBLE OIL –PET Blowing of big size container with handle

EDIBLE OIL –PET Blowing of big size container with handle

Bottle manufacturing

Serac’s high quality SBL technology is proposed as stand-alone machines as well as in single-block blow fill cap equipment, to efficiently cover all manufacturing needs, from mass production of wide and deep product ranges to niche markets.

For flat and oval bottles as well as complex shapes, a preferential heating solution proposed by Serac has been designed as a complementary device that can be installed or removed without any tools, in just 15 minutes. This way, manufacturers can easily produce round and more complex bottles on the same equipment.

“ We have developed an excellent partnership with two historic suppliers, Serac and Sidel, who have proven their expertise in the edible oil bottling field. “

Christophe Lance, - Plant Manager @Lesieur
Dry decontamination of the packaging for sensitive recipes

Dry decontamination of the packaging for sensitive recipes

Packaging decontamination

The health conscious consumer has driven manufacturers to develop new recipes, with low salt and preservative content, which are more sensitive to pathogen growth. Particularly sensitive recipes might require specific options such as packaging dedusting or packaging decontamination.

Closed loop product circuit for better efficiency of the cleaning even with viscous products

Closed loop product circuit for better efficiency of the cleaning even with viscous products

Hygienic design

Serac foodstuff machines include an efficient cleaning circuit for “cleaning in place” adapted to the product filled. Several tank and cleaning circuit configurations are possible.

Machines & Equipment


COMBOX (Blow-Fill-Cap) for Edible and Cooking Oils in PET Bottles

With PET bottles being the packaging of choice in the Edible Oil industry, Serac offers COMBOX, a one synchronised unit of PET Blower, Net Weight Filler, and Capper. Watch the video to see how Flexible, Cost-Efficient, and Reliable this solution is.

The PET Blower offers a low-to-medium work rate solution for edible oils with outputs of up to 18,000 bottles per hour. It can blow PET format with handles, too. The net weight filling technology ensures high filling accuracy. Serac has a unique filler solution dedicated to the edible oils. And the suction nozzles in particular, ensure clean filling with ZERO droplets.

With COMBOX you can have different bottle formats and oil types in one machine. The mold changeover only takes a few minutes, as well as the bottle filling changeover (Thanks to the unique bottle neck transfer). And the net weight product circuit allows quick change between oil types and avoids cross contamination. Apart from COMBOX, Serac provides a wide range of packaging solutions for all types of edible oils, including complete packaging lines.

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