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Syrups & Drinks Filling Machines

Advances in technology allow chilled and aseptic drinks manufacturers to consider a wide variety of options for packaging lines in bottles or cups. Today Serac has developed filling and capping solutions for the specific needs of beverages with delicate formula but also affordable packaging line for medium sized production applications.

Fruit juices, teas, flavored and enhanced waters, coconut and other plant waters, sport drinks, energy drinks, chilled juices and smoothies, coffee milks, concentrates and syrups.

Our expertise

Drinks and syrups in bottles

Combining all the technologies that made our reputation, Serac has developed solutions for the specific needs of your beverages in chilled or ambient distribution.
Our machines are designed to be suitable with all type of bottles such as plastic (PET, HDPE, PP,…) glass and metal.

Drinks in cups

From coffee milks to fruit drinks with extra pieces, our cup filling technologies with up to 5 different fillings open new opportunities for your drink in cups (chilled and ESL).
We offer cup packaging solutions for all types of material for pre-formed cups (PET, PP, PS, glass, aluminum, carton…).

Bottle manufacturing

Serac’s high quality SBL technology is proposed as stand-alone machines as well as in single-block blow fill cap equipment, to efficiently cover all manufacturing needs, from mass production of wide and deep product ranges to niche markets.

The concept of associating packaging production and filling functions in a single bloc unit, already widely spread is also proposed by Serac for bottling lines operating at low to medium outputs, under the name Combox.

Packaging decontamination

The container decontamination or sterilization method is selected according to the product to be filled and its microbiological sensitivity. Numerous factors need to be taken into account by the filling machine manufacturer.

Hygienic design

Deeply committed to food safety, Serac designs and manufactures food packaging machines in compliance with guidelines and sanitary rules edited by expert organisms (EHEDG, 3A, FDA…).

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