Serac and Budé Group have commonly developed a unique net weight aseptic monobloc filler/crimper for whipped cream in aerosols at high speed.

By bundling our strength and knowhow this first monobloc machine was developed.

Since many years both companies Budé Group bv and Serac have been of the main suppliers of whipped cream aerosol aseptic production lines. In 2019 the first questions raised for a monobloc high speed filler/valve placer / crimper. By bundling our strength and knowhow this first monobloc machine was developed.


Working together to develop a new monobloc concept

Within the whipped cream market most of the production lines are standardized on speeds of around 200 cpm based on 250 ml cans: on these lines, the filler and the valve placer-crimper are set up on separate frames with a mechanical synchronization using a screw to transfer the cans between both machines.vOn the occasion of a specific request for a  line at 300 cpm,  both companies have started to develop a new monobloc concept as the traditional system was not compatible with this increase of capacity.


An efficient and fast aseptic monobloc filler-placer-crimper

Positive transfer of the cans all the way through the machine by means of starwheels: no transfer worm between both machines; can inlet into the filler with a servo-driven screw.

Valve placing is no longer done on a transfer screw but on a rotary turret which provides a smoother and longer transfer of the valves on to the cans. Cans are also positively held by the body which sallows a perfect alignment with the valve

Monobloc sloped cladding which optimizes surface cleaning & disinfection cycles and improves general hygiene of the machine → possibility to have an automatic surface cleaning & disinfection.

Still having the benefits of Serac aseptic net weigh filler with Multiflow magnetic valves in terms of fill accuracy and high level of sterility.

The new monobloc design improves aseptic conditions, being: all positive can transfer, more compact so easier to keep aseptic, impossible to loose synchronization, reduced maintenance and more available time to perform all the required actions. Changeover time is also reduced, with an easier diameter parts switch and through the automatic height adjustment of the complete machine.


Unique partnership

By joining forces with Serac, Budé has been able to benefit from 50 years of experience in net weight filling, on the dairy market as well as on other very demanding markets. Serac has indeed also established net weight filling as a state of the art technology in ATEX environments, for corrosive products, detergents, paints, cosmetics… All products which are packed in bottles and aerosol cans.


The Serac net weight filling technology is particularly appreciated for :

– Its fully automated and validated cleaning

– Its hygienic design; non-contact filling guarantees the absence of cross-contamination between bottles.

– Its extreme precision, the highest on the market (1σ<1gr/1kg)


This unique partnership fits perfectly with Budé’s growth strategy in the aerosol products market. The group’s ambition is to become a specialist in gas injection and crimping of aerosol cans at medium speed (80 – 600 cpm). Initially focused on whipped cream, Budé is now able to offer valve application and crimping units for high-foaming to high-viscous products.

The new filler/crimper developed with Serac is undoubtedly the first of a long series of monobloc machines for all products in aerosol cans.