Dosing: when creativity and technology meet

Expertise in dosing for perfect presentation of food products. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Serac supports brands in the creation of elaborate recipes, offering aesthetics, cleanliness and precision on production lines worldwide. With its cups division, Serac sets new standards in quality, paving the way for culinary imagination and unforgettable taste experiences.

What do Liegeois, rice pudding, cheese spread and hummus have in common?

All these products are packaged in jars or trays and require special expertise in terms of dosage to present themselves at their best on the shelves.

As a specialist in blow-moulding-filling-capping machines, Serac is a long-standing partner of many of the world’s best-loved gourmet brands. Drawing on its unique technology and years of experience in the field, the manufacturer is now offering its customers in-depth support on dosing, via its new jars division.

Every memorable tasting experience begins with the eyes.



A quality reference for elaborate recipes

Gastronomy is more than just a matter of taste: great chefs carefully design each of their dishes and strive to reproduce their creations perfectly, service after service. Aesthetics are therefore becoming an external sign of quality for food products. Aesthetics are also an essential prerequisite for multi-layer recipes, in the yoghurt and dessert markets for example.

Serac has set high quality standards in this area, accompanying brands along the path to elaborate recipes and installing more than 1,000 dosing machines and systems worldwide.

When it comes to dosing, quality is a combination of cleanliness, precision and speed. This quality cannot be learned at school; it must be capitalised on year after year on the production lines, as Serac has done, working on a very wide range of products.

Thanks to the global presence of the Serac group, this quality is now available to manufacturers throughout the world.

“ Serac's cups division is the result of the integration of two key subsidiaries, Nova and Doselec, both experts in dosing and filling jars. “

Pouring, swirling or sprinkling ingredients in a perfectly controlled manner

With the right technology (volumetric or flowmeter dosing), the right pressure and high-performance dosing nozzles, it is possible to manage all types of textures and viscosities, delivering a quality result that is perfectly reproducible, as shown in the video produced by Serac.

Foods as diverse as yoghurt, honey, hummus, spreadable cheese, tomato sauce, rice pudding and even lumpfish eggs can be poured into a cup and even swirled around in it, without the slightest splash.

Sophisticated desserts can also be created with several layers, and the final layer placed in rosettes or dots. As a finishing touch, a garnish can even be sprinkled on just before sealing or capping.


Imagination is the limit

By combining several well-designed dosing stations, it’s possible to industrialise almost any idea conceived in a chef’s head. From now on, imagination is the only limit when it comes to offering consumers an unforgettable experience.

Serac’s technical teams support manufacturers throughout the process, from the definition to the start-up of a production line. They ensure that this line meets expectations, in terms of both quality and performance.

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