Innovative Solutions in Food Filling: The Serac Advantages 

The consumer demand for fresh products with longer shelf life is growing and the microbiological sensitivity of food products is a critical factor that directly influences their shelf life.

As an example, the packaging of low-acid products such as milks and dairy beverages is very delicate.

Indeed, the composition of many milk products makes them good media for the outgrowth of pathogenic micro-organisms.

By investing in a Serac food filling machine, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to the integrity of food products and a specialist in aseptic, ultra-clean and clean filling machines for over 50 years.

Thanks to its expertise developed by its microbiological department, Serac can offer specific microbiological control solutions depending on the sensitivity of the products to be filled and its shelf life. A wide range of solutions and technologies can be selected: modified atmosphere packaging, specific filling or capping turret, cap and bottle treatments, closed circuits, cleaning programs, specific air circuits solution, sterile water system etc.  

In some cases, there may be a need to provide a method for cleaning and disinfecting containers before use, in some others, there should also be adequate separation of areas with distinct levels of contamination risks such as with aseptic fillers. Serac always offers very personalized equipment.  

With growing food safety and consumer protection legislation, the food packaging requirements for filling and capping equipment have changed over the last few years and Serac has developed hygienic designs and patented technologies to answer this for its aseptic, ultra-clean and clean applications in low-acid and high acid products.  

All our fillers and cappers for food products are built by Serac according to Hygienic Design Guidelines 

Our technologies in food filling machines 

We understand the importance of reliability in your production processes, and that is why we have invested in filling technologies that have proven their efficiency for years.  


It is the only filling technique which controls the product quantity inside the filled container and not before, as is the case for all other filling technologies. 

By measuring the weight directly in the container, this technology offers the guarantee that each container is filled with the optimal quantity. 

Main benefits of the technology

  • Hygienic solution. No contact between nozzle and container 
  • Cost savings thanks to high filling accuracy 
  • Filling traceability thanks to weigh-filling 
  • Easy maintenance at low cost 
  • Available for liquid products with pieces or pulp 

Weight filling is a naturally clean technology. This is one of the unique selling points which is clearly demonstrated when looking at the filling nozzles: fully opening and 100% self-draining, they remain perfectly clean throughout the filling process. Moreover, and unlike volumetric filling, the filling valves never touch any container, which avoids any contamination. 


It involves using a system that accurately measures and delivers a predetermined volume of liquid/viscous food in jars and cups.  

Quality in volumetric food filling is a combination of cleanliness, precision and speed. Using the technology with the right pressure and state-of-the-art nozzles allows to manage all kinds of textures and viscosities with high reproducible quality.  

Products as different as plain yogurt, honey, hummus, spreadable cheese, tomato sauce, rice pudding and even lumpfish roe can be poured or twirled in cups and jars without a single splash. 

Sophisticated desserts can be produced with several plain layers plus rosettes or dots for the final one. As a final touch, toppings can even be sprinkled just before capping. 


  • Volumetric filling machines can be designed with hygienic features to meet industry standards. 
  • Flexibility: Volumetric filling systems are versatile and can handle a wide range of liquid viscosities and product types 
  • Cost-effective over the long term due to their efficiency, accuracy, and reduced product waste. 
  • High speeds and efficiency: Volumetric filling machines are often capable of high-speed operations, making them efficient for large-scale production. 
  • Low Maintenance: Many volumetric filling systems are designed with simplicity and durability in mind. 

Having one filling machine for various packaging Formats

Having a packaging equipment that can handle various packaging formats offers many advantages for manufacturers such as cost efficiency, flexibility, reduced changeover time, adaptability to market trends, and streamlined operations, ultimately contributing to a more agile and efficient production process. 

Today our Serac fillers and cappers are designed to accommodate a diverse range of packaging formats with ease. Whether you are dealing with bottles of various sizes, containers of different shapes, or different materials, our machine effortlessly adjusts to meet your specific requirements. This adaptability ensures that you can efficiently package a wide array of products without the need for extensive reconfiguration. 

Finally, and for future containers in your existing equipment, a competent technician knowing your machine will be able to check the proper adjustments of the tooling and can provide operator training.  

Longevity and sustainability

Our packaging machines are built with the highest quality materials and engineering precision, ensuring exceptional durability that stands the test of time. They are designed to be adaptable and to integrate the latest innovations and improvements without having to replace the entire machine.  

With an average lifespan of 20 years and even longer, choosing a Serac machine contributes to reduce waste associated with discarded machines and components.  

For more information about our machines and our know-how, please contact us.