Yoghurt in PET jars: Presentation of the Cupbox in Serac's workshops.

During a 30-minute webinar held live from Serac's workshops in France, our three speakers presented the Cupbox, an innovative blowing-filling-sealing solution for packaging yogurt in PET/rPET jars.

At a time when plastic packaging is being questioned, the ultra-fresh market is still looking for the ideal solution: developing recycling channels for polystyrene, which remains the predominant polymer in yoghurt jars, or finding alternatives with polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP) or bio-sourced plastics.
Serac has chosen to offer an alternative with its Blow-Fill-Seal solution for yoghurts in PET/rPET jars. This solution, which combines an SBL linear blow-molding machine and a Linea dosing machine, has been named CupBox.


Here are some excerpts from the webinar held on May 18, 2010, live from the La Ferté-Bernard plant. To see it in its entirety, we invite you to contact us.



18 May 2021

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