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Expert dosing systems to integrate in "Fill/Seal" and "Form/Fill/Seal" machines

Filling station

  • High performance
  • Easy to integrate in existing lines
  • Accurate and versatile dosing

Containers: pre-formed cups, form-fill-seal cups, trays, pouches
Materials: PET, PP, PS, Aluminum, Glass, Carton,…
Outputs: up to 24 filling heads


Filling station to integrate in "Fill/Seal" and "Form/Fill/Seal" machines

Thanks to NDS station, it is possible to quickly adapt your packaging line and get an efficient solution for the industrialization of creative or sophisticated recipes.


  • Accurate and adapted to all product textures (liquid drinks, yogurts and dairy food products, other processed food products) thanks to the use of servomotors
  • Mobile station that can be quickly disconnected from the line and cleaned independently from the machine
  • Offers new potential for innovative recipes
  • Additional filling is also possible even on low work-rate machines

Technical characteristics

Highly reliable and flexible dosing with NDS station

Perfect dosing control for all kinds of ingredients even viscous products like caramel

Optional equipment

  • Volumetric filling or flowmeter filling for liquid drinks
  • NDS can be equipped with ultra-clean or aseptic nozzles

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