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Increased productivity with reduced footprint!

Multifunction Block

  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower operating costs with less energy consumption
  • Avoids the need for accumulation

Containers : Best suited  for unstable, sticking and topdown shapes bottles
Materials : PET, PP, PS, Aluminum, Glass, …
Outputs : up to 40,000 bph (1 L)


Serac calls “Superblock” the assembly of 2 or more machines, synchronized to realize operations as a single unit. Synchronization between the different pitches of the machines can be done either mechanically (shaft), electronically (motion), or through screws or starwheels. The concept of superblock makes it possible to couple the best machines available for each function.

Save up to 25% floor space

Direct coupling of machines eliminates the need for conveyors, allowing for more compact lines. Floor space is significantly reduced.

Improve efficiency

Each package is “tracked” (held or moved without touching), which makes it possible to synchronize the pitches of the different machines. All machines run at the same speed, there is no acceleration or deceleration.


  • Format changeovers are easy because there is no need to adjust the conveyors or change the accumulation lots. It is solely a matter of replacing colored change parts. There is no error possible.
  • Servomotor synchronization opens up new possibilities to perform complex operations with great homogeneity, precision and repeatability.
  • Machines can also be uncoupled during maintenance, changeovers or cleaning operations. It is possible to perform operations in masked time, on a machine, while performing other operations on another machine.
  • It is finally easier to supervise and to improve safety when all machines are driven by a central ‘brain’.

Technical characteristics

Our expertise in ‘blocking’ machines includes:

  • Multiple Rotary Blow Molder
  • Linear Blow Molder
  • Unscrambler
  • Orientator
  • Rotary Bottle Cleaner
  • Trigger capper
  • Labeler

Optional equipment


  • ATEX protections
  • Corrosive resistant material with PP or PE parts

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