How to ensure a quick and trouble free production ramp-up of your new bottle/cap formats ?

When your productivity is at stake, or in a critical context of new product launch, a poor choice of tooling supplier will cause financial losses, stress, production defects etc. Here, we line out a set of points to take into consideration when choosing your tooling supplier.
1. Anticipate already your future format

To ensure the durability of all toolings and avoid costly mistakes,  your supplier must consider the Nominal Values of your machine’s settings for every new tooling study.

It is also important to record all your tooling designs, their associated containers, as well as the assembly of your machine during its lifecycle. This greatly facilitates tooling design regardless of the complexity of your bottles and caps.

Your machine’s digital twin

Your machine’s digital twin

Your machine’s digital twin ensures the interchangeability of your tooling.

Make sure that your supplier can deliver toolings year-round and respond very quickly when your productivity is impacted. As such, prefer a supplier with LEAN processes.


2. Ease the work of your production staff

Choose a partner who not only knows your equipment but also your business constraints, to ease the implementation of your new toolings.

A competent technician on your machine will be able to check the proper adjustments of the tooling and can also provide operator training with the manufacturer’s manual.

If needed, the technician could also look for more comprehensive performance improvements.

To speed-up format changeovers, request compatible tool-free changeovers toolings.

“Puzzle” tooling

“Puzzle” tooling

Original supplier approved multi-format solutions (puzzles, indexed starwheels, multi-tracks…) improve the ease of use.

3. Reduce issues thanks to digitalization

Light packaging and / or complex shapes can be damaged by generic toolings that are not adapted to your machine. Relying on properly toleranced 2D plans and 3D files is a must, but not enough to ensure quality circulation.

Bottles scanned

Bottles scanned

Your bottles must be scanned, empty and full, to identify any deformations and differences.

Scanning makes it possible to identify the hard points of your bottles and to measure their topload. This ensures the proper grip of your packaging and their smooth closing.

3D simulation of your moving packaging

3D simulation of your moving packaging

3D simulation of your moving packaging ensures a smooth flow that handles your packaging gently.

All these studies help determine the ideal choice of anti-spin system and the fine adjustments of your capping turrets.

“ In the critical context of a new product launch, you must consider not only the technical skills of your supplier, but also its in-depth knowledge of your environment and your production equipment. To this end, working with the original equipment manufacturer of your machine offers you the highest quality and lowest risks.

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