Serac Asia Earns Prestigious Recognition at Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2024

This momentous win highlights Serac's pioneering BluStream cap decontamination module, signifying a new era of innovation in ESL (Extended Shelf Life) and aseptic packaging solutions.

In a resounding victory, Serac Asia Sdn Bhd proudly unveils its triumph at the esteemed Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2024, seizing the coveted title in the distinguished Manufacturing Technology from the Manufacturing category. This momentous win highlights Serac’s pioneering BluStream cap decontamination module, signifying a new era of innovation in ESL (Extended Shelf Life) and aseptic packaging solutions.


“ At Serac, innovation is our guiding principle. This esteemed award reflects our passionate pursuit of cutting-edge advancements in the packaging industry. The BluStream cap decontamination module represents the culmination of decades of deep-rooted innovation and expertise, offering unparalleled efficiency and safety. “

Paul Heskens - Managing Director of Serac Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Crafted with ingenuity and precision, Serac’s BluStream module occupies a mere three square meters, offering a compact footprint and monumental impact on the industry landscape.

BluStream seamlessly integrates into production lines regardless of their original equipment manufacturer (OEM), infusing renewed efficiency through its remarkable adaptability. Compatible with any type of cap material and suitable for all bottle sizes, it emerges as a versatile choice for the industry.

More than a technological marvel, the BluStream module can handle up to 600 caps per minute (cpm). It wields the power of low-energy e-beam technology to deliver swift and precise cap decontamination. This state-of-the-art approach not only ensures product safety but also preserves the cap’s integrity, safeguarding its functionality and appeal.

Beyond its technical prowess, the BluStream module champions environmental stewardship. By eschewing the use of chemicals and eliminating energy and water consumption, the machine paves the way for a greener, more sustainable future. This conscientious approach reflects Serac’s values and underscores its commitment to responsible business practices.

“ At Serac, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. We’re proud to offer beverage manufacturers a solution that fulfills market expectations and honors our planet. “

HO Han Meng - Operation Director @Serac Asia

This prestigious achievement signifies a significant milestone in Serac’s journey of over five decades of expertise in manufacturing technology. This broad adoption highlights industry leaders’ trust and confidence in Serac’s expertise and reliability.

Today, Serac’s machines are used in over 120 countries, with installations surpassing 10,000 worldwide.  With global recognition, Serac always strives to create the best performances together, fostering genuine collaboration with each partner.

As the company continues to forge ahead, it remains unflinching in its mission to empower industries, redefine standards, and inspire progress

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