The Modulo nozzle is now available for all Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) cup packaging lines

Serac capitalizes on its know-how and offers now its Modulo nozzle on FFS packaging lines to reduce downtime during recipe changeovers.

Diversity requires more flexibility from filling machines

Playing with flavors is one of the main growth opportunities for yogurts and dairy desserts manufacturers. But it requires high flexibility in recipe changeover. Such a diversity surely raises a flexibility issue for any manufacturer who is planning to invest in a new packaging line, or to replace existing equipment, and who is looking for a versatile, long-lasting solution.


For flexibility to be implemented with minimum consequences on production capacity and manufacturing costs, 3 criteria should be closely looked at:

  • tooling changeover must be as simple as possible to make sure it can be carried out quickly, without tools
  • recipe changeover must be thought of and optimized by the machine manufacturer to avoid as much time and product losses as possible,
  • cleaning operations must be carried out as fast as possible, with a minimum amount of water and maximum efficiency.
The Modulo nozzle optimized for FFS packaging lines

The Modulo nozzle optimized for FFS packaging lines

Reduce downtime during recipe changeovers

Known for its dosing expertise, Serac now capitalizes on its know-how and offers now its Modulo nozzle on FFS packaging lines.

Optimized for 63*63mm FFS cups, this nozzle does not require disassemble of the full nozzle when switching from one product to another.

The Modulo nozzle consists of a fixed part and several heads that are selected according to the product’s texture and changed very easily.

Combined with the dosing range (from 5 to 1000 ml) and accuracy of the NDS dosing systems, the Modulo nozzle is the ultimate tool to manage a wide array of recipes on a FFS packaging line.

The Modulo nozzles also offer manufacturers an efficient solution to upgrade their product filling quality thanks to its quick change of heads.

The different heads provide perfect filling control for all kinds of products while limiting the loss of expensive ingredients.

The decorations obtained are very varied.

Upgrade for a FFS packaging line with NDS dosing system and Modulo nozzle

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