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Filling Machines for Milk and Liquid Dairy - Made in the USA

Liquid and viscous dairy products have been our focus since the start. Serac pioneered net weight rotary filling machine exclusively for milk in 1969 and has been serving the Americas for over 40 years.

Serac Rotary Net Weight Filling Technology

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce give-away or product losses
  • Produce and pack more bottles each day
  • Increase shelf-life and reduce cleaning downtime
  • Able to fill both foamy and viscous dairy products on the same machine, without the need of change-over.


Highly Accurate Filling

For a 1000g bottle, Serac commits on sigma = 1 gram. This means that all the bottles will be between 997g and 1003g.

  • Insensitive to temperature
  • Insensitive to aeration
  • Filling with permanent control of the closing point


Hygienic Design

Our filling/capping/sealing machines conform to 3-A Sanitary Standards (USA).

  • No contact between nozzle and container, no retention
  • Simple Product Circuit
  • Clean-In-Place Facilities

Dairy Packaging in Bottles
    Product types:

  • White Milk, Flavored Milk, etc.
  • Yogurt Drink, Kefir, etc.,
  • Creamer, Whipped Cream, etc
    Recipes & processing

  • Foamy, viscous, with particles
  • Low acid, high acid
  • Size Range

  • 7 Fluid Oz to 1 Gallon

  • HDPE, PET/rPET, Glass, Aluminium

  • Round, rectangles, with handles, etc.


Dairy Packaging in Cups & Jars
    Yogurt, Sour Cream,
    Cheese Spread,
    Dessert Cream, and more.

Bottling of Milk and Liquid Dairy Products

The design of our filling and capping machines are dependant of the specificities of the dairy products to be filled.

Dairy Specifities Shelf-Life Distribution Bottling Application
Fresh Pasteurized Milk 7 to 28 days Chilled Clean
Sterilized Milk 150 days Ambient Clean
ESL Milk of 30-60-90 Days 30 – 90 days Chilled Ultra-Clean
UHT Milk more than 90 days Ambient Aseptic

Filling Machines for Liquid & Viscous Dairy in North America

Serac Inc designs, engineers and builds machines in the USA. Our proximity is enhanced by our international presence & expertise, allowing us to offer unmatched services at the highest standards across the Americas.

Welcome to Serac Inc, where we make filling machines for milk and other liquid and viscous dairy products

Our factory in Carol Stream, IL is open for Visits.

Come and see how we will assemble and test your future filler and capper!

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