Sauce Filling Machine

Liquid Filling Machines for Sauces & Dressings in Bottles or Jars - Made in the USA

Serac has been a leading innovator in net weight filling and capping technology for liquid and viscous food products since 1969. We are specialized in providing hygienic bottling equipment for sauces, dressings, and condiments. Serac designs, engineers, and builds in the USA.

Serac Rotary Net Weight Filling Technology


Key Benefits:

  • Reduce give-away or product losses
  • Increase shelf-life


  • Simple product circuit: low maintenance, fast change product to product and cleaning in place.
  • Pass multiple products from foamy to viscous on the same machine and possibly without change-over on the product circuit.
  • Produce and pack more bottles each day, up to 36,000 bottles per hour
  • Overpressure filling for highly viscous product can be turn on and off depending on the recipe.
  • Highly flexible with different bottle shapes and one machine can produce a range of up to 20 times the smallest size. (e.g. from 6.4 fl oz to 1 gallon or 128 fl oz)


Highly Accurate Filling

For a 1000g bottle, Serac commits on sigma = 1 gram.
This means that all the bottles will be between 997g and 1003g (6 sigma).

  • Insensitive to temperature
  • Insensitive to aeration
  • Filling with permanent control of the closing point
  • Complete production report, accuracy and efficiency tracking


Hygienic Design

Our filling/capping/sealing machines conform to 3-A Sanitary Standards (USA).

  • No contact between nozzle and container, no retention
  • Simple Product Circuit
  • Clean-In-Place Facilities
  • No Dynamic Seals nor Piston/Membranes

Liquid bottle filling machine for sauces and dressings

Filling Machine for Sauces & Dressings in Bottles or Jars

Product types:

  • Ketchups, BBQ sauces, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Soy Sauce, etc.
  • Pasta sauces, Pesto, Alfredo, etc.
  • Chunky Salsa, Taco Sauces, etc.
  • Ranch Dressings, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Caesar Salad, etc

Size Range

  • 7 Fluid Oz to 5 Gallons

Recipes & processing

  • Foamy, viscous, with particles
  • Low acid, high acid
  • Hot Fill, Cold fill, UHT


  • PET/rPET, HDPE, PP, Glass, Aluminium


  • Round, rectangles, with handles, etc.


Filling Machine for Dips, Condiments & Highly Viscous Foods in Cups
Product types:
Guacamole Dips,
Cheese Spread,
Peanut Butter, and more.

Bottling Equipment for Sauces and Dressings

The design of our filling and capping machines are dependant of the specificities of the sauces or dressings to be filled.

Application Examples Distribution Filler & Capper
Non Sensitive Hot Filled Sauces, Vinegar, Soy Sauces, Chilli Sauces Shelf-Stable Clean
Semi Sensitive Clean-label Ketchups, Regular Mayonnaise Ambient Ultra-Clean
Semi Sensitive Fresh Sauces / Soups Chilled Ultra-Clean
Sensitive Low-Fat Mayonnaise Ambient Aseptic

Ultra-Clean Cold Filling for Sauces and Dressings

The sensitivity of the recipes will define the level of hygiene and packaging treatments. We offer packaging treatments such as de-dusting or decontamination prior to the filling:

Treatments Preform/Bottles/Jars Caps (Closure) Alu Foil Cups
Filtered Air Dry Yes Yes
Pulsed Light Dry Yes Yes Yes
Controlled H₂O₂ Dry Yes Yes Yes Yes

Filling Machines for Liquid & Viscous Sauces and Dressings in North America

Serac Inc designs, engineers and builds machines in the USA. Our proximity is enhanced by our international presence & expertise, allowing us to offer unmatched services at the highest standards across the Americas.

Welcome to Serac Inc, where we make filling machines for sauces, dressings and other liquid and viscous food products

Our factory in Carol Stream, IL is open for Visits.

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