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The long-term solution for corrosive products

Filling & Capping

  • Design unaffected by corrosion
  • Hermetic enclosure
  • Pressurisation of electrical elements and mechanical drives


Materials used: polyethylene, polypropylene, titanium, hastelloy, stainless steel 316L

Outputs : up to 36,000 containers per hour (1l)


The RC filling machine is equipped with a totally sealed and airtight enclosure with extraction systems to prevent any propagation of vapours as well as automatic stoppage when the doors are opened. The stainless steel 304 used on standard machines is replaced by polyethylene, polypropylene, titanium and 316L  depending on the components or zones of the machine. The weighing scale enclosure, mechanism casing under the machine and capping turret are pressurised.

When filling products containing hydrochloric acid, parts made of titanium and stainless steel 316L must be replaced by hastelloy or by the use of Halar coating.

“ A design unaffected by corrosion does not limit its use to chemical resistant materials. One must identify the highest level of resistance for all components using materials, coatings and specific protection measures. Limiting the number of weld seams also helps extend the working life. “

Neil ADAMS - Home & Personal Care Business Development Director

Technical characteristics

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