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The all-in-one solution for all your liquid products, container sizes and shapes!


  • Clean filling
  • Long life
  • Excellent cleanability

Containers: from 100g to 60kg, 700 mm maximum height
Materials: PET, PP, PS, Aluminum, Glass, …
Outputs: up to 700 containers per hour (1l)


Pneumatic filler with electronic weigh filling, made of 304 stainless steel and designed to fill a wide variety of products into various containers sizes and shapes. Our semi-automatic weigh filling machines are the ideal solution to fill any homogeneous liquid products, including food, fragile, abrasive, corrosive or inflammable products.

Accuracy and modularity

Designed to offer the highest level of precision and reliability, Serac Net Weight Fillers save money by preventing costly overfilling of expensive products.  The extreme accuracy of our system is based on weighing (tarring) the container and laminar gravity filling. Weigh filling is the only filling technology that precisely controls the amount of product as it enters the container.  Highly modular, they come up with one or two filling nozzles to boost your productivity.



  • Versatility – High quality valve allowing for maximum filling adaptability
  • Clean filling – pneumatically actuated nozzle for smooth filling without splash
  • Excellent cleanability – stainless steel 316 product tank with no retention zone
  • Quick change-over – tool-less nozzle assembly for short change-over time
  • Long life – durable machine structure built in 304 stainless steel
  • Extremely accurate filling – Weigh filling technology is not impacted by temperature change or product aeration
  • Move your machine without effort -integrated castor rollers

Technical characteristics

  • Electronic dosing module
  • Calibration masses for electronic calibration
  • Product circuit made of 316 stainless steel and PTFE / KALREZ seal
  • Level regulation by float and a product infeed valve
  • Tank covers made of stainless steel
  • Push button and pedal for the start of the filling cycle
  • Suitcase with nozzle valves and nozzle ends
1 Nm3/h 6 bars

Pneumatic requirements

230 Kg

Weight (unboxed)


Electricity standard

770 x 800 x 2600

Machine size in mm

Optional equipment

  • Pneumatic rotating screw capper
  • Overscrew workstation
  • Twin filling head version to double output
  • ATEX protections
  • Corrosive resistant material with PP or PE parts

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