Glass packaging: Why choose reuse over recycling?

The choice of reusable glass packaging is not limited to waste management. The overall environmental impact must be considered. Because while glass has a high collection rate and the ability to be recycled forever, it also has its drawbacks.

1 out of 4 CPG manufacturers would currently be considering a purchase or equipment modification in order to meet sustainability goals. And 1 out of 3 would think of implementing reuse, return and refill solutions, one of the 5 options available to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

According to a 2020 PMMI study on packaging sustainability.

Returnable packaging - Case study

Organic dairy products



  1. Returnable glass: conditions for environmental relevance
  2. Container inspection before filling: a mandatory step
  3. Thorough decontamination: the benefits of liquid treatment
  4. Ultimate versatility: a single line for bottles and jars
  5. Filling accuracy: weight filling associated with permanent taring
  6. Integrated twist-off capping: good for the planet and consumers

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